Jobs and Economy

Fact Checking Republicans on the American Jobs Act

Before House Republicans start dismissing the American Jobs Act, we hope they’ll check their math:

“Cantor said he was concerned that more than half of Obama’s proposal package ‘is so-called stimulus spending’ akin to the 2009 stimulus law that didn’t produce a sustained recovery from the recession. ‘We’ve been there, done that,’ Cantor told reporters today. ‘The country cannot afford more spending like a stimulus bill.’”

Here are the facts:

According to OMB, $253 billion of the American Jobs Act is tax cuts, while $194 billion of the plan is on the spending side.

Rather than play partisan games, it’s time for House Republicans to get serious on jobs and work with Democrats to take action on the American Jobs Act, a paid-for proposal that includes bipartisan ideas to create jobs and grow our economy.