Fiscal Responsibility

Facing Greater Pressure, Will Republicans Move to Balanced Solution?

With only 8 legislative days remaining until the sequester is scheduled to take effect, time is running short. While many Republicans are refusing to compromise and want these harmful cuts to go forward, this weekend gave a glimmer of hope that some Republicans might still be willing to put the national interest ahead of conservative mantra and join Democrats at the negotiating table.

Sen. John McCain: “…But we’ve got to avoid [the sequester]. We’ve got to stop it. … Will I look at revenue closers? Maybe so..” [FOX News Sunday, 2/10/13]

Better late than never, we suppose. But the question remains: can he convince his colleagues to join him at the table?

Adding pressure on Republicans, the conservative Foreign Policy Initiative is taking a stand against sequestration. In their letter to Congressional leaders, they blast Congress for failing to act, and detail the harm to our national security if the sequester occurs:

“As the March 1st deadline nears for unprecedented, across-the-board cuts to our military, we write to urge you to work together to avoid this unnecessary and dangerous blow to American power and global leadership.”

Sequestration will result in unacceptable risk for U.S. national security. It will degrade our ability to defend our allies, deter aggression, and promote and protect American economic interests. It will erode the credibility of our treaty commitments abroad. It will be a self-inflicted wound to American strength and leadership in the world.”

Similarly, several other organizations from a broad range of sectors have formed a coalition in an attempt to highlight the harm the sequester will impose and are speaking out “about the ways in which Americans will be harmed by continued cuts to core government functions, including the military, education, public health, science, public safety, and infrastructure.”  

What more will it take? It’s time for Republicans to see the writing on the walls.