*Government Shutdown

Evening Roundup: House Republicans Bring Us Closer to Shutdown

There’s only two hours left to prevent a government shutdown, but House Republicans continue to play partisan games with our economy.  The reviews of their actions this evening are not kind:

CNN: “Defying repeated rejections by the Democratic-led Senate, House Republicans on Monday again attempted to derail Obamacare by amending a spending plan that would avert a government shutdown.”

Roll Call: “Just hours away from a government shutdown, House GOP leaders sent a new continuing resolution proposal to the Senate on Monday evening in yet another attempt to undermine Obamacare.”

Huffington Post: “The House ping-ponged a government funding bill back to the Senate Monday night, with no hope that the Senate would pass it.”

Washington Post: “The United States government moved to the verge of its first federal government shutdown in nearly two decades Monday night when the House passed a stopgap spending bill that takes aim at President Obama’s signature health-care law that is sure to be rejected by the Senate, just hours before the deadline to keep the government running.”

POLITICO: “Republicans refuse to back off their demand that Democrats delay or choke of funding for the Affordable Care Act. The White House and Senate Democrats both say that they will not change the health care law as part of the government funding debate.”

Reuters: “With the law funding thousands of routine government activities set to expire at midnight, Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives insisted that the measure to fund the government include a delay of Obamacare, knowing it would be rejected by the Democratic-controlled Senate.”

Los Angeles Times: “Republicans in the House approved another effort to delay President Obama's healthcare law, despite objections from some within the GOP that the party should stop the brinkmanship that has threatened to shut down the government at midnight.”

The solution is easy: House Republicans should put a clean CR on the Floor. It will pass, and the President will sign it into law. Shutdown averted.