Even Senate Republicans Want Nothing to Do With Politically Motivated Contempt Vote

As we head into tomorrow, we here in the Democratic Whip Press Shop wanted to make sure you saw this article from The Hill noting the trepidation from Senate Republicans over the contempt vote. We have been saying for days that the contempt vote on the Floor tomorrow is a baseless, politically-motivated fishing expedition that is nothing more than a distraction from critical issues like highways, student loans and middle class tax relief.

And according to The Hill, Senate Republicans agree:

Senate Republicans are keeping their distance from the push in the House to place Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress.”

The cautious approach is an indication that some in the Senate GOP don’t see the conflict driving the Holder vote — the Fast and Furious operation that let guns ‘walk’ into the hands of criminals — as a winning issue in an election year dominated by the economy.

Not a winning issue? We couldn’t agree more.