End the Blame Game and Avert the Sequester

The Republican rhetoric blame game machine should hopefully come to a screeching halt after everyone got a glimpse of Speaker Boehner’s power point presentation selling sequestration as their tool to cut spending (and let’s not forget that Republicans first proposed it in their Cut, Cap, and Balance bill that they passed with 229 Republican votes on July 19). So now that that clears that up, we hope that we can finally focus on what’s important – working together to find a solution to avert the sequester.  

Of course, that depends on Republicans dropping their position of using sequestration as political leverage:

“Mr. Boehner says he has significant Republican support, including GOP defense hawks, on his side for letting the sequester do its work. ‘I got that in my back pocket,’ the speaker says. He is counting on the president's liberal base putting pressure on him when cherished domestic programs face the sequester's sharp knife. Republican willingness to support the sequester, Mr. Boehner says, is ‘as much leverage as we're going to get.’

Time for Republicans to stop cheering for sequestration, and do something to prevent it from happening. You’ve got not one, but two, balanced alternatives from House and Senate Democrats to avert sequestration. Over to you, Speaker Boehner.