*Government Shutdown

Editorial Roundup: How the GOP Shutdown is Playing Outside the Beltway

A sampling of editorials from around the country shows House Republicans’ refusal to end the GOP shutdown isn’t playing out so well for them. Some highlights:

Buffalo News:  Republicans, In Thrall To The Tea Party, Are Ignoring Their Duty To The Nation

“So, they did it. Unable or unwilling to control the tea party zealots who have taken over the Republican Party, House Speaker John Boehner allowed his chamber to shut down the federal government over the issue of the Affordable Care Act. It was an appalling decision that flashes the party’s unfitness to govern a large and diverse nation.”

“Make no mistake: This was the fault of the national Republican Party. Each side is blaming the other, but the fact is that congressional Republicans are pop-eyed and purple-faced about the health reform law. They care about nothing else and are perfectly happy to hang a ‘closed’ sign on the front door of the world’s pre-eminent democracy. They will hold their breath and stamp their feet.”

“Now, it’s time for Boehner to stand up. He has to remember that his duty is to the country and the Constitution, not to a band of zealots who have little interest in either. This is his moment. He needs to act.”

Cleveland Plain-Dealer: In the Interests of the Country, Republicans Need to Quit the Attack on Obamacare and Agree to a Clean Continuing Resolution

“The Republican attack on Obamacare has gone beyond any noble notion of standing on principle and is now bordering on the un-American.”

“The misguided strategy in defiance of public opinion has led to a partial government shutdown. No big deal, you say? Tell that to the 800,000 federal workers now on furlough. Tell that to the campers in our national parks who were told to pack up and leave. Tell that to all the small businesses who depend on a steady flow of government workers to keep their cash registers humming.”

“Republicans must back down, as some wiser heads in their party are suggesting.”

Denver Post: Shutdown is a Battle the GOP Can't Win

“We didn't think they'd do it. We thought Republicans had absorbed the lessons of 1995-96 and that the high risk of being blamed by the public would be a spur to common sense.”

“If nothing else, we thought, they'd be worried about the economic repercussions of a federal shutdown. But we were wrong. Incredibly, Republican hard-liners have triggered a shutdown in pursuit of a hopeless quest to delay or even defund the Affordable Care Act.”

“This is a battle Republicans cannot win.”

Des Moines Register: We Must Not Hold Our Nation's Economy Hostage

“These irresponsible tactics engineered by a subset of the Republican majority in the U.S. House cannot be allowed to succeed. The Democrats should stand firm. The Obama administration should stand firm. And the nation’s only hope is that wiser heads that make up a majority of the House Republicans will put fiscal sanity ahead of the whims of extremists.”

Fresno Bee: Hostage Taking is a Terrible Way to Run our Government

“As we noted yesterday, the House GOP is responsible for manufacturing the current crisis by insisting that delay or dismantling of Obamacare be part of any funding plan. This comes after voters re-elected President Obama in 2012, and after Congress has rejected repeated attempts to repeal Obamacare.”

“If House Speaker John Boehner were to put a clean funding bill up for a vote, one that was stripped of language to undermine the Affordable Care Act, it would easily pass, with Republican and Democratic votes. Yet Boehner refuses to do so, fearful of a minority of tea party extremists in his caucus that could end his leadership.”

New Jersey Star-Ledger: Using World War II Veterans as Shutdown Pawns

“…Don’t be fooled by the staged drama at the war memorial. Republicans picked this fight, and they are to blame for the consequences.”

“Democrats in the Senate passed a clean budget resolution with no policy demands attached. Republicans in the House rejected that, and are insisting on concessions on Obama’s health care reform. They are deliberately damaging the nation as a means of political leverage.”

“That is just wrong. And distracting from that central point by escorting a few veterans in wheelchairs is beyond cynical.”

Quad City Times: GOP Drags America Over the Edge

“Thousands of Arsenal employees are being sent home, not because our nation has insufficient funds, or no longer needs their defense logistics. They’re being indefinitely furloughed so House Republicans can persist with their same failed tactic.”

“For a decade, Iowa and Illinois National Guard troops proved essential to our war on terror. Now they’re being sent home. House Republicans chose a tactic that simply dismissed their service.”

“Investors and home buyers yearn for stable markets, influenced mainly by commerce. House Republicans chose a tactic they knew could sink the stock market and throw the entire housing market into a tailspin.”

“These grown-ups in the House knew full well what havoc their tactic would unleash on Americans. They did it anyway, all because they lacked the ability to govern the way our nation’s Founders intended. Ours is an imperfect system of compromise, where majority votes rule and nobody gets everything they want. House Republicans who believed in that system would have pursued different tactics.”