*Government Shutdown

Editorial Roundup: How the GOP Shutdown is Playing Outside the Beltway (Week 2)

In the second week of the GOP shutdown, editorials from around the country still show House Republicans’ refusal to end the GOP shutdown isn’t playing out so well for them:

Arizona Republic: America wearing clown nose in game of political chicken

“Washington’s game of political chicken has a clear loser: the American people.”

“The nation needs a clean continuing resolution to end the partial shutdown.”

“The nation also needs a clean bill to raise the debt ceiling. The sooner the better.”

“Obama has the high ground in this because his opponents are using tactics unworthy of a great nation. It is wrong to refuse to let the government function until a relatively small minority gets its way. Bad precedent.”

“What’s more, Republicans who insist the Democrats won’t compromise should acknowledge that the continuing budget resolution needed to end the shutdown represents Republican goals because it maintains sequestration cuts.”

Lexington Herald Leader: Put budget issues to vote in House; Up-or-down vote may end shutdown

“More than a week into what Sen. Rand Paul called the "temporary inconveniences" of a government shutdown and eight days from the deadline for raising the debt ceiling, Republican demands are growing ever murkier and more confusing.”

“An up-or-down vote is the surest way to settle that disagreement and maybe even put the country back on track.”

West Virginia Gazette: Let House vote

“History will record autumn 2013 as a time when minority Republicans waged a bizarre Washington battle to prevent 30 million "working poor" Americans from obtaining medical insurance.”

“In their frenzy to scuttle the Affordable Care Act, GOP House members shut down the U.S. government and threw America into a nightmare.  It seems like a season of lunacy -- inflicting severe damage, just to block health care for less-privileged families.”

Star Ledger: John Boehner's moment of truth

“Our grade-school addition says differently: If nearly all House Democrats vote for the plan, plus 20 or so Republicans, that’s enough. Is Boehner’s calculator broken?”

“This is Boehner’s moment of truth. If the House speaker really wants to end the shutdown, he has the opportunity to do so by holding a vote on the clean CR, which appears to have enough support to pass.”

“The political will exists. The math proves it. What’s missing is the speaker’s resolve.”

Gainsville Sun: Dear Rep. Yoho

“End the shutdown and raise the debt ceiling without resorting to blackmail. If you're so convinced that you're right, do the right thing and go through the normal legislative process rather than threatening to cause a recession to get what you want.”

Tampa Bay Times: Time to end irrational crusade, shutdown

“This week, House Republicans are expected to pass a series of bills to keep money flowing for programs like Head Start and border security to quiet their critics. This is a stalling tactic that President Barack Obama and the Senate should reject, and the focus should be on passing a clean spending bill to reopen all of the government and on raising the debt ceiling to avoid triggering a real economic crisis.”

“The loud tea party minority in the Republican Party should not be allowed to hold the nation hostage. The stalemate has become more about saving face for tea party supporters than having any hope the president will bend on health care reform.”

Anniston Star: Reality for the dead-enders — Government shutdown has painted GOP extremists into a bad place

“Egged on by a caucus of extremists within their party, congressional Republicans have painted themselves into a corner.”

Metro West Daily News: Government shutdown losing steam

“House Republicans have voted more than 40 times to kill the Affordable Care Act, also known as ‘Obamacare,’ only to be blocked by the Senate's Democratic majority - not to mention the inevitable presidential veto in the unlikely event the measure ever got as far as the White House. They've been roundly mocked for the futility of their repeated tries.”

“But rewarding the ‘hostage-takers’ with some face-saving compromise would only insure that a government shutdown, or an even more damaging government default should legislation raising the debt ceiling be rejected, would again be used to force a legislative outcome one party doesn’t have the votes to win through the regular process.”

“Democrats have already negotiated a compromise on the budget, agreeing to the reduced spending levels put in place by the ill-considered sequester. They should be willing to discuss improvements to the Affordable Care Act as well – but not until after the shutdown is ended and the debt ceiling lifted.”

Palm Beach Post: Boehner seeking pity but needs to find courage

“House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, says he doesn’t have the votes to pass a “clean” bill to end the government shutdown and raise the debt limit. There’s one sure way to find out: Put it to a vote. If such a bill doesn’t attract moderate Republicans, there are no moderate Republicans.”

“And the vote should come as quickly as possible. If House Republicans are going to fully embrace tea party lunacy and refuse to raise the debt limit — an outcome that would be Rep. Boehner’s fault — it would be better to do so well before Oct. 17, when the Treasury will be unable to meet its obligations.”

Sacramento Bee: Speaker John Boehner is placing the economy at risk with recklessness

“After strongly hinting last week that he would not let the U.S. government default on its debts, House Speaker John Boehner reversed course over the weekend, to the detriment of his already weak standing and, more importantly, to the economy.”

“To set [Obamacare] aside, Republicans must repeal it, something they repeatedly have failed to do. Unwilling to accept defeat, they have shut down the federal government and are now prepared to default on the nation’s debt to get their way. The nation can’t afford to give in to such bullying.”

“To do so would put any law duly passed by Congress and signed by the president at risk. It would diminish the presidency, weaken our democracy and invite more irresponsible brinksmanship.”

“Boehner, the hapless speaker, sits in the middle of the chaos he has created. He could end it today by sending clean bills to the House floor to fund the government and raise the debt ceiling. He claims the votes aren’t there.”

“Why not put it to a vote, Mr. Speaker, and see whether they are?”

The Buffalo News: It’s up to Boehner to push his party for a solution to dangerous stalemate

“Into the second week of the federal government shutdown, the Republican members of Congress behind the move are now threatening to force the nation to default on its debts unless President Obama gives in to their demands.”

“The better response, though – for the country, for the Republicans and for the world – is for Boehner to develop some courage and tell the tea party “no.” An open vote would raise the debt limit and, as far as that goes, end the government shutdown, too.”

Wichita Eagle: Vote on clean spending bill

“In fact, Pompeo’s cavalier attitude toward Lew’s warning was unsettling – as if the risk of default weren’t real and the uncertainty on Wall Street and throughout the economy were insignificant.”

“But if you have a party that controls only half of Congress yet is willing to shut down the government until it gets its way, you risk staying in a bad place for a long, long time.”