Press Release ● Jobs and Economy
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August 6, 2010
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Katie Grant
Maureen Beach
(202) 225 - 3130

As Democrats continue to work to move our nation forward, we remain focused on continued job creation and economic recovery.  As part of that effort, Democrats recently launched our “Make it in America” agenda, which seeks to increase domestic manufacturing and create good, middle-class jobs here at home.  Manufacturing is critical to a strong economy and to our national security.  For decades, our manufacturing industry was a great source of pride for the American people, and Democrats are working to make it that way again so that we do not depend on other countries to make the things we buy.  No other sector in our economy can replace manufacturing, and increased support for American manufacturing is key to our economic revival. 
Make it in America Legislation Already Moving Through Congress
So far, Congress has sent two Make it in America bills to the President for his signature:
• U.S. Manufacturing Enhancement Act: makes it cheaper for American companies to obtain the materials they need to manufacture goods.
• Protecting American Patents: will unclog the backlog of 1.2 million patent applications so innovative ideas can move to market more quickly.
And the House has passed four more Make it in America bills:
• The SECTORS Act forms partnerships between businesses, unions, and educators to train workers for some of the most needed 21st-century jobs.
• The National Manufacturing Strategy Act directs the president to work with industry and state leaders to build a manufacturing-boosting strategy every four years.
• The Clean Energy Technology Manufacturing and Export Assistance Act ensures that clean energy technology firms have the information and assistance they need to compete at home and abroad.
• The Emergency Trade Deficit Commission bill is intended to develop policies that will combat the trade imbalance and promote the export of American goods. 
Make it in America Agenda Garners Positive Press Attention:
Democrats’ Make it in America agenda has already received positive press attention as bills have passed and the agenda has moved forward:
• “President Obama and congressional Democrats… are shifting toward a longer-term strategy that promises to tackle persistently high unemployment by engineering a renaissance in American manufacturing.”  [Washington Post, 8/4/01]
• “Democrats next week will intensify their effort to show voters that they are concerned about unemployment by voting on at least three bills designed to help create well-paying manufacturing jobs.”  [CQ, 7/23/10]
• “House Democrats trumpeted a blowout victory Wednesday on the first item on their revamped jobs agenda — not only because they racked up a much-needed accomplishment but also because they drove a wedge between Republican rank-and-file Members and their leadership.” [Roll Call, 7/22/10]
• “Democrats are priming the House floor for a manufacturing agenda they hope will bolster the economy.” [Politico, 7/21/10]
• “A legislative push by House leaders to boost the manufacturing sector will reach full intensity next week — part of a Democratic effort to have a strong finish before the August recess.” [CQ, 7/20/10] 
More Pieces of the Agenda to Come
When the House reconvenes in September, additional bills from the Make it in America agenda will come to the Floor.  In addition, the House Ways and Means Committee plans to hold a hearing on September 14th on China’s undervalued currency, and the effects it has on reviving our manufacturing sector.