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April 20, 2010
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Katie Grant
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Today Vice President Biden gave a speech at the Brookings Institution where he reminded everyone that the choices that are made can have a long effect on our economy down the road.  When given the chance, Republicans chose to help the wealthy and Wall Street without paying for anything.  Democrats are choosing a different path, one that puts middle-class Americans first.

A breakdown of the choices made:

Republican Choice: Tax cuts for the wealthy
Democratic Choice: Help for the middle-class and investments that set the stage for a sustainable recovery
Republican Choice: Adding to the deficit
Democratic Choice: Setting a path toward fiscal balance by giving PAYGO the force of law, creating a fiscal commission, and looking at a discretionary spending freeze
Republican Choice: Took the referees off the field, leaving Wall Street unaccountable and leading to a financial meltdown and the deepest recession since the Great Depression that cost us 8 million jobs
Democratic Choice: Restoring accountability to Wall Street so that taxpayers are never on the hook for the bad decisions made by Big Banks
Click here to read the full text of Vice President's speech.