Issue Report ● Jobs and Economy
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February 23, 2010
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Katie Grant
Stephanie Lundberg
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“Leading economists are upbeat about the U.S. recovery, forecasting steady growth over the next two years as businesses grow and jobs return, according to a survey released Monday.” – CNN Money: “Economists: Recovery is firmly on track,” 2/22/10

From coast-to-coast, there are signs of economic recovery and job creation, due in part to actions taken by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Even prominent Republican Governors are breaking with their party and acknowledging that the Recovery Act has worked to create jobs and help the economy grow:

“[Taking Recovery Act funds] was the right thing to do. Our economy was going off into the abyss and if we didn't have those monies, we would have had 87,000 people out of work today in the Sunshine State. Twenty thousand of those are educators, and how many people does that translate into in terms of the children they teach?... It was the right thing to do. We needed the money. That's why what every Republican governor in the country took it. It was a common sense approach to take it.” – Governor Charlie Crist (R-FL), 2/22/10

“I believe that the worst is over…. I think that the economy, we see signs of a comeback, but it's very clear that the comeback is not going to be as quick as we've seen in the past. [W]e have seen in our revenues that there's more than a billion dollars a month coming in more than we anticipated. We've seen that the foreclosure rate has slowed down. We've seen that the house sales have picked up. We've seen people are getting back to work, especially in the green sector. So there's signs all over.” – Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-CA), 2/21/10