The Do Nothing GOP Recess Packet: Plenty of Rhetoric, No Substance

With House Republicans heading into the August district work period with no accomplishments to tout, it isn’t surprising they’ve been given a recess packet with plenty of rhetoric and no substance.  An article in Roll Call today highlights their strategy to go home and talk about how Washington is broken.  You know, after they spent months obstructing any reasonable legislation.                           

From Roll Call:

“When House Republicans retreat to their districts for the August recess, they will each be armed with a detailed guide — an exceptionally detailed guide — on how to assure their already convinced constituents that Washington is broken.”

“The August House Republican Conference planning kit, titled ‘Fighting Washington for All Americans,’ offers a rare glimpse into the constituent outreach efforts of the GOP. Those efforts, it turns out, are highly calculated, hashtag-heavy and rife with references to the video app Vine.”

“The first kit offers variations on an old Washington favorite: bashing Washington. ‘Washington is out of control,’ warns a ‘sample op-ed’ titled ‘Fighting Washington for You.’ Naturally, it’s not the specific member of Congress’ fault.”

Of course it isn’t their fault… they’ve only spent this entire Congress ignoring the major challenges facing our country. We wish them the best of luck trying to spin it, but we have a feeling their constituents will see right through the empty rhetoric.