DNI Clapper on Impact of Sequester

In case we didn’t have enough to worry about with the Republican Budget, the rising impact of the irrational and avoidable sequester continues to threaten our economy and national security, including our intelligence operations. The National Journal reports on the stern warning from Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, who testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee yesterday:

“Across-the-board budget cuts will jeopardize intelligence agencies’ ability to protect U.S. national security, warned Director of National Intelligence James Clapper at a Senate hearing Tuesday.”

“So let me now be blunt for you and for the American people: Sequestration forces the intelligence community to reduce all intelligence activities and functions without regard to impact on our mission.  In my considered judgment as the nation’s senior intelligence officer, sequestration jeopardizes our nation’s safety and security—and this jeopardy will increase over time.”

“Slashing $4 billion from the national intelligence program, which is spread across six Cabinet departments and two independent agencies, would ‘directly compel us to do less with less,’ Clapper added.”

As a reminder, Director Clapper’s warning is one of many we’ve heard from our national security leadership.

So, to our House Republican friends: the sequester has real consequences, but Congress still has time to stop them to prevent irreparable harm to our intelligence community and all those who risk their lives at home and abroad to keep us safe.