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... person is the doctor. and through this plan, we're going to ensure fair payment for doctors, and therefore they'll be there to treat seniors. third, there are going to be preventative services provided at no cost. screenings for coon certify, osteoporosis, diabetes. all of these are clear benefits, and the reason we're spoertding the legislation. >> we go to steny hoyer. house majority leader and democratic representative from maryland. steny, i remember back in 1966 when you were running for re-election. i love this because you're in a swing district. even though you win by 1,000 percentage points. it was in the contract with america, and this radio ad talking about steny hoyer. he supported this in the contract with america. it shows that people go back and forth. there are a lot of moderates to conservatives in your district. you know what the ads are going to be, though, this next year? steny hoyer, he supported $500 billion cuts in medicare. i heard all the advantages of doughnut holes and waffle syrup and all that other stuff. but this is a tough, tough sell for people that are voting you for majority leader. $500 billion in cuts for medicare. how do you do that? how do you justify that to your -- how do the members go back home and sell it? >> the same reason that nancy lemande pointed out. frankly, the republicans createded what is called the medicare advantage. medicare advantage has private sector. it's overpaid. almost everybody believes it's overpaid by 10% to as much as 25% or 30%. >> so steny hoyer is saying that seniors are getting too much. >> no, i didn't say the seniors were getting too much. the insurance companies. joe, that's your spin. my spin is the insurance companies are getting too much. >> let's just talk about the politics of it because you and i both know medicare has to be cut over the next ten years or the system goes bankrupt. >> let me tell you, medicare is not sustainable. >> i'm just talking about blue dogs. >> not sustainable. we know that. so we're working -- >> all i'm asking you here is how do the blue dogs sell this going home? it's heavy lifting for a lot of them. >> i think what they're going to sell is this is going to ensure affordable quality health care for all americans. this is what we need to do. we have some 50 million people who aren't in the system. all of us paying in the system, paying premiums, are paying on average $1,100 more on our own premiums for those who are not paying anything, who are not in the system, but getting health care. this is an effort to get everybody in the system. ceo says we have 36 million of the uninsured. we don't add any illegals. that's about 12 million into the system. so we're letting people get access to affordable quality health care they can count on. we think that's a significant, important step forward. and that's why ama has endorsed it. that's why aarp has endorsed it. that's why consumer reports had said, this is a good deal for consumers. >> if you can get it through, though, congressman. let me read from roll call real quick here. congressional hispanic congress chairwoman nydia velazquez warned president barack obama on thursday that 20 members of his caucus are advised to vote against the democratic health care plan if language restricting the rights of illegal immigrants to buy insurance is added to the bill. >> it does actually allow illegal immigrants, as written, to get health care reform, right? >> it does not. it specifically prohibits. the issue here is, as we know, hospitals, as i think morally we would want them to do, if somebody presents themselves to an emergency room and is hurt and needs emergency care, gets it. there's no check as to your papers or anything like that if you have a traumatic injury. >> nicole says this is about buying health insurance under this federal plan. there can't be restrictions according to this report for illegal immigrants buying insurance under the plan. >> what the language is going to specifically say is that there will be no federal funds used for anybody who is undocumented individual to purchase through the exchange insurance. no federal assistance to achieve that objective, period. >> so is this roll call wrong? >> we made that very, very clear. >> is this roll call wrong? i'm sorry. we have a delay, and i apologize. i've stepped on you too many times here. again, we have the hispanic congress chairwoman according to roll call, quote, warning president obama that 20 members of her caucus will vote against the house democratic bill if the language restricts the rights of illegal immigrants to buy insurance. >> they have to prove their -- >> right. >> she is not referring to the house bill. she's referring to possible language that might be added. and we're talking to not only nydia velazquez, but the hispanic caucus today. clearly this bill is designed to and, we believe, does cover those who are in this country ...