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... until they got a chance to seat final bill and the price tag before they made up their minds. they finally got a chance to see both of those yesterday, so i wouldn't be surprised if starting today we start to hear a lot of them announce which way they're voting. >> thank you. also on the hill is steny hoyer of maryland. congressman hoyer, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> you still need by most counts at least ten votes from your party to get this thing passed. and as we just reported, even after seeing the details, after meeting with the president, a lot of the democrats still aren't coming on board. what do you think will change by sunday to get those votes? >> what i think is that we have seen yesterday very important information from the congressional budget office which as you indicate and nancy indicated shows that we are doing exactly what we said we would do. and that is adopting a program which will make health care more affordable, make insurance companies accountable, and bring down the deficit over $1.3 trillion over the next two decades. all those items are important to our members and endeed john mccain said we needed to make sure that all americans had access to affordable health care. this bill does that. we think members will conclude by sunday that this is the bill that does what we said we would do. and they'll pass it. >> john mccain speaking of was one person out of many who criticized special incentives for states, including the cornhusker kick back, which has been eliminated. speaker pelosi went to great pains yesterday to say that this does have equality for all states now. but there's still extra money in there for hospitals in tennessee, there's still special spending in as many as 11 other states. what happened to the equality for all states in this bill? >> clearly there are provisions in will which take care of special circumstances. but the fact of the matter is, as -- >> why is that? >> speaker pelosi has said the nebraska cornhusker provision was, in fact, taken out of this bill because that was clearly just targeted. and what we have done is treat all states equally in terms of federal contribution towards medicaid payments over the coming years. so i think this bill treats all people and all states equally. are there special provisions in there which deal with certain situations? there are, but those situations are unique. >> lastly i'd like to ask but a poll that came out that shows that 50% of americans say they're less likely to vote for their representative in congress come november if they vote yes on health care reform. is your party prepared to lose the majority over this and potentially even more? >> no, we don't think we'll lose the majority. as a matter of fact, polling data recently has shown in the ""wall street journal"" and the economists, not to organs known as democratic organs, but they both say that the majority of the public supports this bill. when you go to the individual specific provisions in this bill, eliminating pre-existing conditions from being a preclusion to getting insurance, making sure that companies can't put life time caps or cancel your policies when you you get really sick, making sure that annually you can't be capped so you drive famiies into bankruptcy, when you ask people about that, and about the exchanges where you have a transparent marketplace, where you can compare prices and benefits through whole range of insurance companies so you can get the best buy, people say 60%, 70%, 80%, yes, those are good provisions. so i'm very confident that when this bill is passed and people review what it will do for them, their families, small businesses, and the deficit reduction, i think they'll say this is a good policy for our country. >> steny hoyer, we will be watching what happens. thank you. >>> minnesota governor tell pawlenty will get a firsthand look at flood fighting efforts in his state. he declared a state of emergency for 28 minnesota counties due to potential spring flooding. heather brown has been covering this for us. she has the latest this morning from the other side of the rising red river where we find her in fargo, north dakota. >> reporter: we are in down up to fargo where it's kind of a mess. over the past week, they have trucked in tons of clay to build a huge dirt levee to protect the down up to area. the mayor is pretty optimistic, but he's asking people to be vigilant. we've been watching national ...