Extending Assistance for Unemployed Americans

Despite GOP Claim, Unemployment Has Not Been “Dealt With”

Congress’ first priority at the start of 2014 should be an extension of emergency unemployment insurance for millions of Americans still struggling to find work.  Unfortunately, House Republicans don’t seem willing to take action to help people while the economy continues to improve.  For example, Rep. Tom Cole recently stated:

“You’re always gonna have the argument that at some point people are losing benefits. But that’s the point, it was meant to cope with an extraordinary situation. But that situation has been dealt with.” [Buzzfeed, 1/3/14]

Oh, really? Here’s a look at the unemployment rate from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, showing a different story:

With 1.3 million more Americans unemployed than when Emergency Unemployment Compensation was enacted in 2008,  Republicans can’t really think the situation has been “dealt with.”