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July 13, 2012

To highlight our commitment to creating jobs, House Democrats joined me this week in announcing new legislation added to our Make It In America plan, a comprehensive jobs package that invests in manufacturing in order to create jobs and grow our economy.  The new list of Make It In America bills focuses on strengthening our infrastructure so businesses can grow and move their products to market; investing in education and skills training; and enforcing trade laws so our businesses are competing on a level playing field.  Several Make It In America bills have already been signed into law, and I hope Republicans will work with us to pass more of these bills so we can get more Americans back to work.

Unfortunately, instead of focusing on jobs, Republicans wasted this week on political games.  They again attempted to take away health care benefits and patient protections from millions of Americans, meaning that the House has now voted more than 30 times on this political exercise.  Not once have Republicans offered a solution of their own.  The Affordable Care Act is making a positive difference in the lives of many, and it is time to move forward and focus on our nation’s most pressing issues, including job creation and crafting a big, bold and comprehensive plan to address our deficit.

Also this week, I unveiled a new interactive online app that includes state-specific information on voter registration, new voting requirements, and early voting.  Recently, laws have been passed in states across the country that threaten the constitutional right for Americans to vote. This makes it more important than ever for Americans to become familiar with voting laws and how to exercise their right to vote.  I hope you find this information helpful.

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