Democrats Continue Calling on Republicans to Return to Work

House Republicans may be able to put their jobs in the Capitol out of sight and out of mind, but Democrats will continue to remind them of the long list of unfinished legislation they abandoned when they left for recess.  Today, Congressmen Chris Van Hollen and Henry Waxman were on the House Floor to remind House Republicans of the critical legislation they left undone.  As The Hill reports, attempts to get Congress back to work were ignored by Republicans once again:

“House Democrats on Friday morning renewed their call for the House to return to work and pass legislation to fix the pending tax crisis, reduce the debt and make federal health programs more sustainable, but were again shut down by House Republicans.”

It’s time for Republicans to return to work on the pressing issues facing Americans, including extending middle class tax cuts, passing a Farm Bill, reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act, and other legislation that is facing upcoming deadlines.  Democrats will continue to call on the “Do Nothing Republican Congress” to put policy ahead of politics, and get our work done for American families and businesses.