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April 25, 2018
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Last week, 245 House Democrats and Republicans joined together in an effort to allow consideration of four separate measures to address the DACA crisis created by President Trump. This effort, led by Reps. Jeff Denham and Pete Aguilar, would allow debate and votes on four bills: Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte’s proposal, the bipartisan Dream Act, the bipartisan USA Act, and a bill offered by Speaker Ryan. This effort demonstrates that there is strong, bipartisan agreement that the House should work its will on this issue.

Speaker Ryan has said he is committed to reaching an agreement to protecting DREAMers:

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI): “I know that there is a real commitment to solving the DACA challenge in both political parties. That’s a commitment that I share. To anyone who doubts my intention to solve this problem and bring up a DACA and immigration reform bill, do not.” [The Hill, 2/8/18]
But the Speaker has not brought legislation to the Floor. Republican Members agree he ought to allow debate on this issue and let the House work its will:
Rep. Jeff Denham (R-CA): “It’s time that Congress does its job and moves forward with one unified, bipartisan strategy for our Dreamers. We have the support for an open debate and a vote; no more excuses, no more delays.” [Statement, 4/18/18]

Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX): “We cannot avoid action any longer….The support of so many Republicans and Democrats proves that we can solve these problems in a bipartisan way.” [Statement, 4/18/18]

David G. Valadao (R-CA): “Today we are showing that there is a lot of support to pass this legislation and we should at least have the debate. The American people and the folks this affects the most deserve this.” [Press Conference Remarks, 4/18/18]

Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO): “The President gave Congress six months and yet no bill has been debated or brought to the House floor for a vote. Today, my colleagues and I call on Congressional leadership to bring these bills to the floor for debate and consideration.” [Press Conference Remarks, 4/18/18]

A vast majority of Americans want to protect DREAMers and ensure these young people – who are enriching our communities and contributing to the economy – can stay in the United States with a pathway to citizenship.

A CBS Poll found nearly 9 in 10 Americans want DREAMers to stay in the U.S. This view spanned party lines:
Hundreds of organizations have spoken out in support of this effort to allow debate on DACA legislation:

U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Committee: “…[W]e urge Congress to first focus on passing H.R. 4796, as written, or similar bipartisan and narrowly-tailored legislation. Any legislation passed should provide Dreamers with a path to citizenship, not undermine our family-based immigration system or terminate existing protections for vulnerable migrants, and ensure that border security measures are just, proportionate, and humane.” [Letter to Congress, 4/25/18]

185 national, state, and local organizations, including America’s Voice, Anti-Defamation League, NAACP, National Women’s Law Center, and United We Dream: “Congress is the only branch that can fix this by passing permanent legislation… We, the undersigned organizations urge Speaker Ryan to bring up the DREAM Act for a vote on the House floor immediately… We applaud the bipartisan effort led by Rep. Aguilar and Rep. Denham on the ‘Queen of the Hill’ resolution to fix the crisis President Trump created and to respect the will of the American people.” [Statement, 4/18/18]

U.S. Chamber of Commerce: “The Chamber supports the efforts of Representatives Denham, Hurd, Aguilar, Lujan Grisham, and many others to initiate a long-overdue immigration debate in the House of Representatives. We hope their work on House Resolution 774 leads to a serious debate on bipartisan legislation that addresses the plight of Dreamers and implements much needed improvements to our nation’s border security efforts.” [Press Release, 4/18/18]

New American Economy: “The American people want their leaders to lead on immigration reform… A deal to secure the border and protect Dreamers makes sense to both sides of the aisle, and we applaud Rep. Denham for taking the initiative and creating a path through the gridlock.” [Press Release, 4/18/18]

Libre Initiative and Freedom Partners, part of the Koch Network: “Groups funded by the billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch are launching an advertising campaign starting Sunday to push Congress to reach a deal providing legal status for a swath of young, undocumented immigrants whose fate has been in flux for years… [One television ad] closes with images of young Latinos working and going to school as a narrator says: ‘There’s a bipartisan path forward on immigration that offers a permanent solution for our Dreamers and a stronger border. What are we waiting for?’” [Wall Street Journal, 4/17/18]

In addition, editorial boards across the country are calling on Congress and the President to take action  to protect DREAMers:
Dallas Morning News: “DACA is the one corner of the immigration debate where there is bipartisan agreement and therefore room for a deal…That Trump never seems to get past DACA — even in an election year — means the immigration debate is always about the immigrants Americans express the most support for.” [4/2/18]

Mankato Free Press (Minnesota): “Some 240 members of both parties (190 Democrats and 50 Republicans) have put forth four immigration bills they say the House should debate and vote on... Leaders of the bipartisan effort say they proposed four bills to see which ones can get the most votes. That’s a solid and fair strategy that rank-and-file members of both parties seem to agree on.” [4/19/18]

New Jersey Star Ledger: “Both parties and most Americans agree: Protecting Dreamers is a no-brainer, improving border security is a must, and appointing more immigration judges to handle the overwhelming number of cases is elementary. And if Trump chose to govern by reason rather than spite, these could easily be done.” [4/5/18]

San Antonio Express News: “Granting protections to immigrants who had no say in coming here and know only this country as their own is a simple matter of justice.” [4/5/18]

With support from the majority of the House, the American people, and editorial boards across the country, it’s time to allow the House to work its will by allowing debate and votes on these proposals to provide a permanent, legislative solution to protect DREAMers.

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