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May 10, 2011
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Katie GrantDaniel Reilly, 202-225-3130

After four months, its clear Republicans don’t share the American people’s priorities by failing to focus on jobs and making the wrong choices on the deficit.

Republicans have not put forward a single bill to address job creation and instead have passed legislation that would cost jobs and hurt middle-class families. This week, they continue that trend by moving legislation through the Ways & Means Committee that could eliminate extended unemployment benefits for over 4 million Americans and risk our economic recovery.

Republicans are hurting Americans looking for work by:

  • Eliminating unemployment benefits for Americans who need it the most in their deceptively named “JOBS” bill,
  • Slashing funding for education and job training programs by 25 percent in the Republican budget,
  • Allowing key Trade Adjustment Assistance program provisions to expire, ending training and assistance for workers who have lost their jobs for trade-related reasons,
  • And opposing the continuation of programs that have successfully created jobs, including the TANF Emergency Contingency Fund.

Republican cuts to unemployment insurance and investments in our workforce are just their latest attempt to reduce the deficit on the backs of middle class families. They have also voted to: 

  • Finance tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans by ending Medicare as we know it and increasing health care costs for seniors;
  • And stand with Big Oil over the American people by funding unnecessary subsidies for oil companies with taxpayers’ dollars.

In contrast, House Democrats have an agenda to create jobs and ensure America’s middle class can succeed. The Make It In America agenda encourages businesses to make products and innovate in the US and sell it to the world through strengthening our infrastructure and supporting investments in key areas like education and energy innovation. It is an effort that builds on House Democrats' actions to create jobs and continue growing the economy and focuses on investing in key priorities while cutting wasteful spending. The Make It In America agenda focuses on: 

  • Investing in infrastructure and supporting the flow of commerce
  • Keeping America competitive
  • Supporting small businesses
  • Smart tax policy
  • Clean energy jobs
  • Innovative education policy

Rather than trying to balance our budget on the backs of the middle class, Democrats are calling on Republicans to stop putting our economic recovery at risk and find common ground so that we can reduce our deficit while supporting job creation and growing the economy. 

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