Democratic Leaders Speak on Health Care Reform on MSNBC

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... america's working families. i'm pleeszed to yield to distinguished majority leader, without whose leadership we would not be in position to win today. his knowledge of these issues and strategic thinking about how to get us from here to there is just persistence. and more important than all of that, the respect with which he is held in our caucus for his opinion has gotten us where we are today. mr. steny hoyer, democrat majority leader of the congress. >> i want to thank my partner, the speaker of the house of representatives. nancy pelosi and i have worked side by side for many years to further the democratic agenda, to make america better, to make sure that working families have the opportunities and the security that they want and they need. i want to thank also jim clyburn. i've known jim all of my adult life. we start out in the young democrats together, almost a half a century ago. working on behalf of civil rights in this country, making sure that every american was treated on the basis of his being an american not the color of his skin or her skin. jim clyburn and i are proud to stand with nancy pelosi, who is much much younger than we are, to take a vital step in ensuring that every american has the opportunity to have access to affordable quality health care. we were addressed in this room, in this caucus by america's first african-american president. how proud we were last november when he and chicago stood and the sweep of history that she had seen. she was alive when teddy roosevelt said, we need health care for every american. barack obama, the man from illinois, said we need health care for every american. and he said it to every american. and every candidate with whom he ran on the democratic side and the republican side said, we need to reform health care in america. today we will reform health care for america in the house of representatives. we will make sure that we reach out to make sure that every mom and dad in america knows that they will have health available for their child. they know they need that. that's not an option for them. it is a necessity for them because they love their children. we will vote today on the floor of the house of representatives, for not only all of those children, but all of those seniors and all americans who want the security of knowing that they have health care and they can get health care, that they can afford and give them the quality care they need. i now want to yield to the chairman of our democratic caucus who has held over 100 caucuses to inform our members, to make sure they knew what was in this bill, and to indeed inform the public, john larson of connecticut. >> what an honor to stand with this great leadership team. and more important to stand with an unbelievable caucus who comes together today with the implicit understanding that what we're creating is something unique here in america, the combination of our great entrepreneurial, scientific, technological and innovative skills with the common wheel notion that the growth of this great nation cannot be achieved unless we enjoin 36 million americans who go without insurance and by our action today, they will now have that dream and that commitment come true. god bless them. god bless america. >> javier -- >> the president of the united states urged us as americans and as the privileged elected representatives of all americans in this country, to be on the right side of his tri, it's a glorious day to write a page of american history and that's what we intend to do. i would now like to introduce the assistant to the speaker, ...