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October 6, 2003
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<h4>Hoyer: "the Bush Administration did not have a plan for winning the peace, which was a serious mistake both in terms of American lives and money"</h4>

<p>&#187; <a class="sidebarBlue" href="/media/press.cfm?pressReleaseID=235">House Democratic Whip Hoyer's Statement</a></p>

<p>&#187; <a class="sidebarBlue" href="/media/press.cfm?pressReleaseID=276">Statement of Congressman John Spratt, Ranking Democrat on the House Budget Committee and Assistant to the Democratic Leader</a></p>

<p>&#187; <a class="sidebarBlue" href="/docuploads/cost_iraq.pdf">Report on the Cost of the War on Iraq</a></p>

<p>&#187; <a class="sidebarBlue" href="/media/press.cfm?pressReleaseID=277">Top Armed Services Committee Dem Asks President To Address Security And Quality Of Life Issues For U.S. Troops In Iraq</a></p>

<p>&#187; <a class="sidebarBlue" href="/docuploads/taxes.pdf">Tax Cuts v. War Spending produced by the Center for American Progress, a nonpartisan research institute in Washington, D.C.</a></p>