Democratic Agenda Regarding Health Care Reform on MSNBC

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... the republicans any more when it comes to health care. they have no solutions. let's focus on the solutions. democrats in the congress are looking to move things forward when it comes to health care reform. that's your bill, your doctor, they don't want to put the government between you and the doctor. for more on all of this, let's go to congressman steady and what do you want to do? what can be done in 2009? >> what we want to do, as you well know, the president has said that the agenda and health care a quality health care and and shameful and the country on the face of the earth, million americans to get sick to where they can get treatment or get and get really and we're about the business of making sure that every american that is in our health care system has access to quality health care. we think that makes good sense for them. it makes good sense for our country and it makes good sense for our economy. >> steady, how much help are you actually going to get from republicans? i have in my hand tonight the story broken by the politico. the language of health care 2009 by republican strategist, pollster, it says here the ten rules for stopping the washington takeover of health care. now, if this is what they are circulating, what do americans have to look forward to to any kind of bipartisan support. what do you think? >> i'm hopeful that we are going to get bipartisan support. after all everybody in between gets sick. they need health care. so this ought not to be a partisan issue. frank is a very talented guy, by the way. at spinning things, at how to talk to people, and have them give he a response. in this case, he wants a negative response because he wants his party not to be perceived as being against health care reform they may talk well but they can't walk the walk. >> it didn't take very long now this is going to be a battle and i believe that this plan and possibly can to help the any kind of health care reform in this country. >> let me say something about that, ed? because frankly, how democracy works, i would help the american public really believes that we need health care reform and they believe that everybody ought to be in the system. they know full well that their premiums on average are $1100 more per year because those 46, 47 million people. they are paying their insurance. those people ought to be in the system. they understand from a cost standpoint it's good for them but certainly from a standpoint of having a healthy nation it's good for them. but they want their children sitting next to healthy children in school. >> it just signals to me and a lot of americans that they would rather be obstructionists than to sign on to anything successful that they want to get done when it comes to health care reform. >> the speaker and i will r are both reaching out to our republican colleagues asking for their thoughts. we're hopeful that they will participate. we believe that this is a very, very critical effort for us, not only in terms of individuals but bringing down the cost of health care for americans and frankly for the government as well. we spent $2.4 trillion on health care in this country and it needs to be reformed fully inclusive and cost effective. we hope our republican calis will join us in that effort. >> we talked a lot about this in the past. i appreciate you coming on and being so direct. if the congress doesn't do anything else this year and just does this, it's a victory. >> i agree with that. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, ed. congratulations on your show. >> you bet, my man. thank you very much. >> all right. so there you heard majority leader right there wants to do something about health care and we're going to document for you later in this program the sound bites that they are singing it already. all right. now let's go to the white house. nbc news correspondent, chuck todd, is with us tonight. is there any response from the white house with this playbook that is floating around on how...