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For Immediate Release: 
September 27, 2013

I am deeply disappointed that House Republicans wasted this week without taking any meaningful action to avert a government shutdown or ensure our nation pays its bills. Today the Senate passed a bill to keep the government open while we continue to debate broader fiscal issues. It’s time for House Republicans to stop holding the nation hostage to partisan, ideological demands and for House Republican leaders to allow the House to work its will to responsibly fund our government and keep it open.

Likewise, House Democrats will not allow the full faith and credit of the United States to be held hostage to Republican political games.  This week, 186 House Democrats signed a letter in support of President Obama's call for action that ensures that America pays its bills and does not default on its debts.  I will continue to strongly urge the House Republican leadership to reconsider its approach and work across the aisle to avoid defaulting on our nation’s financial obligations.  

Earlier this week I joined President Obama at Prince George’s Community College to discuss the Affordable Care Act’s open enrollment season. This Tuesday, October 1, the Affordable Care Act’s online market places will open to the public for enrollment and will remain open until March 1. These online market places will allow Americans to shop for quality health care and compare plans and prices. If you or any members of your family are looking for health insurance, I encourage you to visit www.healthcare.gov to find out more about the coverage options available.  Those enrolled prior to December 15 will be able to receive coverage starting on January 1. As the open enrollment season begins, House Democrats remain committed to protecting the Affordable Care Act and will make sure it continues to expand access to the quality, affordable health care all Americans deserve.

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