*Fiscal Cliff

The Dangers of Debt Ceiling Games

ICYMI, USA Today weighed in on the GOP’s dangerous debt ceiling games:

“As was the case during the last debt-ceiling debacle, in 2011, playing politics with the nation's creditworthiness is irresponsible and unnecessary.”

Boehner has been around long enough to know that Republicans are playing a weak hand, something his Tea Party followers don't seem to grasp. He lived through the 1995-96 government shutdown, which was blamed on the GOP, and wants no repeat. So he's wisely trying to stave off a shutdown when funding runs out at the end of this month by proposing a short-term spending bill to keep the lights on. But trading a government shutdown for the risk of defaulting on the national debt is a dangerous game. Even the hint that the United States couldn't meet its obligations rattles the financial markets and threatens the nation's credit rating. That would drive up interest rates, drive down stock markets and weaken the economic recovery.”

We thought that editorial was particularly interesting after reading Speaker Boehner’s opposing USA Today op-ed that states again that Republicans want to hold the nation hostage. A question some of you intrepid reporters might want to ask him: what spending cuts and reforms is he actually proposing? Seems weird to make demands without demanding something. But he did make one point that we actually agree with: “There is no need for market-rattling showdowns or brinksmanship in the discussion this fall.”

We’ll see if he’ll follow his own advice and prevent another Republican-created crisis.