Daily Whip
House Meets At: First Vote Predicted: Last Vote Predicted:

10:00 a.m.: Morning Hour
12:00 p.m.: Legislative Business

Fifteen “One Minutes” per side
1:30 – 2:30 p.m. 4:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Suspensions (8 bills)

  1. H.R. 1155 – National Association of Registered Agents and Brokers Reform Act of 2013, as amended (Rep. Neugebauer – Financial Services)
  2. H.R. 2747 – Streamlining Claims Processing for Federal Contractor Employees Act (Rep. Walberg – Education and the Workforce)
  3. H.R. 1891 – Science Laureates of the United States Act of 2013 (Rep. Lofgren – Science, Space, and Technology)
  4. S. 130 – Powell Shooting Range Land Conveyance Act (Sen. Enzi – Natural Resources)
  5. S. 157 – Denali National Park Improvement Act (Sen. Murkowski – Natural Resources)
  6. S. 304 – Natchez Trace Parkway Land Conveyance Act of 2013 (Sen. Cochran – Natural Resources)
  7. S. 256 – A bill to amend Public Law 93–435 with respect to the Northern Mariana Islands, providing parity with Guam, the Virgin Islands, and American Samoa (Sen. Wyden – Natural Resources)
  8. S. 459 – Minuteman Missile National Historic Site Boundary Modification Act (Sen. Johnson (SD) – Natural Resources)

The GOP Leadership has announced the following schedule for Wednesday, September 11: The House will meet at 12:00 p.m. for legislative business. The House is expected to consider H.R. 2775 – To condition the provision of premium and cost–sharing subsidies under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act upon a certification that a program to verify household income and other qualifications for such subsidies is operational, and for other purposes (Rep. Black – Energy & Commerce/Ways & Means) (Subject to a Rule).

The Daily Quote

“House Republican leaders on Tuesday will propose to their members that the House use a complex procedural tactic to defund ObamaCare that would press the fight but likely avoid a government shutdown... But it might not be enough. Conservative Republicans who caught wind of the plan on Monday told The Hill it was unacceptable... Conservatives have demanded that the House GOP use the budget fight to withhold funding for the implementation of Obama’s signature law. But many senior leaders in the party have warned that risking a government shutdown over healthcare could backfire on the GOP... Two conservatives in the House told The Hill they opposed any plan to attach a provision defunding ObamaCare that the Senate could easily ignore or strip out. ‘It’s got to be a real proposal,’ Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R-Ga.) said. ‘I’m going to vote ‘no’ on the CR unless it has some definite defunding in there for ObamaCare.’ Conservative Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.) said he had heard from colleagues that leadership was considering using a parliamentary trick to allow the GOP to vote for defunding ObamaCare without making it a core part of the continuing resolution. Such a move would not pass muster, he said... Freshman Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) organized a letter signed by 80 House Republicans urging leadership to defund ObamaCare in any future appropriations bill. A conservative House GOP aide said that the 80 signatories of the Meadows letter are still expected to vote against any continuing resolution that does not defund ObamaCare.’”

-    The Hill, 9/10/13