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House Meets At: First Vote Predicted: Last Vote Predicted:

10:00 a.m.: Morning Hour
12:00 p.m.: Legislative Business

Fifteen “One Minutes” per side
1:00 - 1:30 p.m. 6:00 – 7:00 p.m.

**Members are advised that a procedural vote may occur at approximately 12:45-1:00 p.m.

H.Res. 614Rule providing for consideration of H.R 4089 - Sportsmen's Heritage Act of 2012 (One Hour of debate) The Rules Committee has recommended a structured Rule that provides for one hour of general debate equally divided among the Chair and Ranking Member of the Committee on Natural Resources. The Rule allows eight amendments, each debatable for 10 minutes equally divided between the offeror and an opponent. It also provides one motion to recommit, with or without instructions. Lastly, it waives all points of order against the legislation.

The Rule also deems that the Republican (Ryan) Budget Resolution has passed both the House and the Senate in order to further Republican efforts to break the Budget Control Act agreement on appropriations and put in place fast track reconciliation procedures to push through even more cuts. The Republican budget, which seeks to end the Medicare guarantee and puts our economic recovery at risk, includes an overall level of spending below what was agreed upon in the Budget Control Act by both parties. The Republican budget also includes reconciliation instructions to 6 committees to cut $261 billion from programs like food stamps, Medicaid, the Social Services Block Grant, institute medical malpractice reforms, and roll back provisions of the Affordable Care Act and Dodd-Frank. H.Res. 614 would deem that the Senate agreed to the Republicans going back on the deal reached in the Budget Control Act, and reconciliation instructions. This Rule is yet another vote on the Republican budget - a plan that places the burden of deficit reduction onto seniors, the middle class, working families, and the most vulnerable by refusing to ask the wealthiest among us to contribute. Members are urged to VOTE NO.  

H.R. 4089 - Sportsmen's Heritage Act of 2012 (Rep. Miller (FL) - Natural Resources/Agriculture/Energy and Commerce) (One hour of debate) The bill would require the Interior Department and the U.S. Forest Service to provide access to certain federal lands for hunting, fishing and recreational shooting.  Additionally, the bill allows hunters to import certain polar bear remains taken prior to the species being listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. The measure also amends the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) to add ammunition and sport fishing equipment to the list of items that are exempted by TSCA.  This limits the authority of EPA to regulate bullets, angling lures and other hunting equipment with respect to toxic substances.

The Rule makes in order 8 amendments, each debatable for 10 minutes, equally divided between the offeror and an opponent. The amendments are:

Rep. Hastings (WA) Amendment. Would make several changes to the bill such as adding shooting ranges to the list of valid uses for public land, expanding the term “wilderness areas” in the bill to add hunting, fishing, and recreational shooting to areas that are being studied by Interior for their wilderness potential or are eligible for designation as wilderness, but not yet designated and states that the protection given hunting in wilderness areas is “not intended” to permit motorized recreation or mineral extraction
Rep. Holt Amendment.
Would make a technical correction to clarify that all units of the National Park System, not just National Parks and National Monuments, are exempt from Title I. National Park System units currently open for hunting or recreational shooting would not be affected
Rep. Grijalva Amendment.
Would make the new restrictions on managing hunting, fishing and recreational shooting effective only if the amount of land available for those purposes falls below 75% of all federal public lands
Rep. Peters Amendment.
Would strike a provision in the underlying bill allowing
the importation of endangered polar bear trophies from Canada by hunters who killed the bears despite warnings that importation of the bears would likely be illegal
Rep. Fleming Amendment.
Would prohibit the Forest Service from banning hunters  with dogs during deer season on Kisatchie National Forest
Rep Bishop (NY) Amendment.
Would allow for recreational fishing of Atlantic Striped Bass in the Block Island Sound transit zone
Rep. Heinrich Amendment.
Would preserve hunting, fishing and recreational shooting in wilderness areas by specifying that the underlying bill will not allow development and motorized recreation in wilderness
Rep. Foxx Amendment.
Would require Presidential monument designations provided for under the Antiquities Act to be approved by the state legislatures and governors where the proposed monument is located

Bill Text for H.R. 4089:
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Background for H.R. 4089:
House Report (HTML Version)

House Report (PDF Version)

Postponed Suspensions (2 Votes)

  1. H.R. 1815Lena Horne Recognition Act (Rep. Hastings (FL) – Financial Services)
  2. H.R. 2453Mark Twain Commemorative Coin Act, as amended (Rep. Luetkemeyer – Financial Services)

The GOP Leadership has announced the following schedule for Wednesday, April 18: The House will meet at 12:00 p.m. for legislative business. The House is expected to consider H.R. __ Surface Transportation Extension Act of 2012, Part II (Rep. Mica – (Transportation and Infrastructure/Ways and Means/Natural Resources/Science, Space, and Technology/Energy and Commerce) (Subject to a Rule).

The Daily Quote

“But Republicans are already having to target programs, like food stamps, that people actually care about, and that will actually hurt low-income Americans if they're cut. To achieve the spending paths envisioned in Rep. Paul Ryan's budget, Republicans will have to find cuts that are many orders of magnitude larger... In the coming years, the alternative to higher taxes is savage cuts to the Pentagon, and to food stamps, and to Medicaid, and to Medicare."

-     Ezra Klein, Washington Post, 4/17/12