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4:00 p.m.: Legislative Business

Unlimited “One Minutes”
6:30 p.m. 7:00 p.m.

Following one minute speeches, the House is expected to recess until approximately 5:00 p.m. At that time, the House will reconvene and consider the two bills listed for consideration under suspension of the Rules.

Suspensions (2 Bills)

  1. H.R. 4086 - Foreign Cultural Exchange Jurisdictional Immunity Clarification Act (Rep. Chabot - Judiciary)
  2. H.R. 3992 - To allow otherwise eligible Israeli nationals to receive E-2 nonimmigrant visas if similarly situated United States nationals are eligible for similar nonimmigrant status in Israel (Rep. Berman - Judiciary)

The GOP Leadership has announced the following schedule for Tuesday, March 20: The House will meet at 12:00 p.m. for legislative business. The House is expected to consider H.R. 2087 - To remove restrictions from a parcel of land situated in the Atlantic District, Accomack County, Virginia (Rep. Rigell - Natural Resources) (Subject to a Rule). The House is also expected to consider H.R. 665 - Excess Federal Building and Property Disposal Act, as amended (Rep. Chaffetz - Oversight and Government Reform) – under suspension of the Rules.

The Daily Quote

“House GOP leaders are looking at a short extension of highway programs to buy their caucus time to agree on a longer-term alternative to the Senate’s two-year, $109 billion transportation bill…With senators showing no interest in a ninth extension of the 2005 surface transportation law…House Speaker John A. Boehner will face pressure to follow through on his threat to take up the Senate bill (S. 1813)…Boehner, an Ohio Republican, before last week’s House recess said that he would hold a vote on the Senate bill or something close to it unless his caucus could coalesce around a version of the House’s five-year, $260 billion transportation bill (H.R. 7). House Democrats are almost universally opposed to that bill, and the GOP caucus is sharply divided.”

-     CQ, 3/16/12