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House Meets At: First Vote Predicted: Last Vote Predicted:

12:00 p.m.: Morning Hour
2:00 p.m.: Legislative Business

Unlimited “One Minutes”
6:30 p.m. ???

**Members are advised that the GOP Leadership has announced that a second vote series on amendments is possible this evening.

**Following one minute speeches, the House will begin one hour of general debate on H.R. 4745.  After general debate, the House will begin reading H.R. 4745 by paragraph and considering amendments.  Any Member wishing to offer an amendment should be prepared to offer it at the appropriate place in the bill and be on the Floor at the appropriate time. Any recorded votes requested on amendments will be postponed until 6:30 p.m.

At approximately 4:00 p.m., the House will consider the nine bills listed for consideration under suspension of the Rules. Any recorded votes requested will be postponed until 6:30 p.m.

Begin Consideration of H.R. 4745 – Transportation, Housing, and Urban Development, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2015 (Rep. Latham – Appropriations) (One Hour of Debate). The bill provides approximately $52.02 billion in discretionary budget authority for FY 2015, for Transportation and Housing and Urban Development (HUD) departments and related agencies, about 2.3% above the level of funding for FY 2014.

Despite the increase in overall funding from FY 2014, the bill makes several severe cuts to critical transportation and infrastructure programs and investments.  It cuts Amtrak’s capital funding by $200 million, after the FY 2014 bill included a 33% cut to Amtrak funding. It provides $1.7 billion in funding for the Federal Transit Administration’s Capital Investment Grant Program, a cut of $254 million (13%).  The bill also makes several cuts to housing programs.  It cuts HOME grants – reducing funding by nearly 30% from FY 2013 enacted levels – to the lowest level since the program began in 1992, as well as the Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS (HOPWA) (8%) and the Public Housing Fund (5%).

Republicans are developing this year's spending bills based on the $1.014 trillion discretionary spending cap and the 302(a) discretionary allocations agreed to in the Bipartisan Budget Agreement. By setting the Appropriations Committee's allocation in-line with the Bipartisan Budget Agreement, House Republicans were able to begin the appropriations process early. House Republicans should use this extra time to ensure that all twelve appropriations bills are enacted before the start of the 2015 fiscal year.

The Rule, which was adopted last week, provides for one hour of general debate and does not require that amendments be pre-printed in the Congressional Record prior to their consideration.

Bill Text for H.R. 4745:
PDF Version

Background for H.R. 4745:
House Report (HTML Version)
House Report (PDF Version)

Suspensions (9 bills)

  1. H.Res. 600 – Urging the Government of Afghanistan, following a successful first round of the presidential election on April 5, 2014, to pursue a transparent, credible, and inclusive run–off presidential election on June 14, 2014, while ensuring the safety of voters, candidates, poll workers, and election observers, as amended (Rep. Grayson – Foreign Affairs)
  2. H.R. 4412 – The National Aeronautics and Space Administration Authorization Act of 2014, as amended (Rep. Palazzo – Science, Space, and Technology)
  3. S. 1254 – Harmful Algal Bloom and Hypoxia Research and Control Amendments Act (Sen. Nelson – Science, Space, and Technology)
  4. H.R. 2072 – Demanding Accountability for Veterans Act, as amended (Rep. Benishek – Veterans’ Affairs)
  5. H.Con.Res. 100 – Authorizing the use of the rotunda of the Capitol for a ceremony to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the enactment of the Civil Rights Act (Rep. Fudge – House Administration)
  6. S.Con.Res. 36 – A concurrent resolution permitting the use of the rotunda of the Capitol for a ceremony to award the Congressional Gold Medal to the next of kin or personal representative of Raoul Wallenberg (Sen. Gillibrand – House Administration)
  7. H.R. 3211 – Mortgage Choice Act (Rep. Huizenga – Financial Services)
  8. H.R. 1679 – To amend the Expedited Funds Availability Act to clarify the application of that Act to American Samoa, as amended (Rep. Faleomavaega – Financial Services)
  9. H.R. 4228 – DHS Acquisition Accountability and Efficiency Act, as amended (Rep. Duncan – Homeland Security)

The GOP Leadership has announced the following schedule for Tuesday, June 10: The House will meet at 12:00 p.m. for legislative business. The House is expected to continue consideration of H.R. 4745 – Transportation, Housing, and Urban Development, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2015 (Rep. Latham – Appropriations). The House is also expected to consider bills under suspension of the Rules.

The Daily Quote

“The White House held off any action on deportations because it wants to give House Republicans time to act on immigration reform. That’s not going to happen – at least in the month of June. In a memo dated Friday, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) released legislative priorities for the GOP-led House in June. It includes items such as tax extenders, legislation aimed at improving jobs skills and government funding bills, but no immigration reform… Advocates of immigration reform both on and off the Hill have looked at this summer as the final chance for a legislative overhaul this year… immigration reform still faces a steep uphill battle in Congress.”

-    Politico, 6/6/2014