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9:00 a.m.: Legislative Business

Five “One Minutes” per side
9:15 a.m. 2:00 – 3:00 p.m.
**Members are advised that a recorded vote is pending on the Cleaver/Scott (VA) substitute amendment, and that vote is expected at approximately 9:15 a.m.

Complete Consideration of H.Con.Res. 34 - Concurrent Resolution on the Budget for Fiscal Year 2012 (Rep. Ryan (WI) – Budget)
The Republican Budget resolution calls for a reduction in spending of over $5 trillion over the next ten years. It proposes cuts that would end Medicare, raising seniors’ costs, decimating Medicaid by changing it into a block grant that cuts $770 billion from the program, and freezing discretionary spending below levels in HR 1 – ignoring defense. Despite those cuts, the misguided Republican budget does not achieve balance over the next ten years. Rather than apply its spending cuts to deficit reduction, it cuts taxes by over $4 trillion, going even further than the Bush Tax Cuts. Democrats are urged to VOTE NO on the Republican Budget Resolution.

Yesterday, the House finished all of general debate on the resolution. It also completed debate on the substitute amendment offered by Reps. Cleaver/Scott (VA).

Today, the House will consider the remaining substitute amendments. H.Res. 223 provides that following consideration of all amendments, the House will have a final period of 20 minutes of debate, equally divided between the Chair and Ranking Member of the Budget Committee. Following that period of debate, the Committee will rise and proceed to a vote on adoption of H.Con.Res. 34.

The following substitute amendment has a recorded vote pending:

  • Cleaver/Scott (VA) Amendment in the nature of a Substitute (Congressional Black Caucus). The CBC Budget would make significant investments in education, job training, transportation and infrastructure, and advanced research and development programs, aimed at accelerating the economic recovery.  At the same time, the CBC Budget protects the social safety net without cutting Social Security, Medicaid or Medicare.  It would raise new revenue by making the tax system more fair.  It also closes certain corporate tax loopholes and preferences, which will save over $1 trillion on the deficit over the next decade. 
The following substitute amendments will be considered in the following order, as designated by the Rule:
  • Grijalva/Honda/Lee (CA)/Woolsey/Ellison Amendment in the nature of a Substitute (Congressional Progressive Caucus) (30 minutes). The CPC Budget eliminates the deficit by 2021, while focusing investments on job creation and putting Americans back to work. The CPC budget focuses on restoring America’s economic competitiveness, while implementing a more fair tax system, and it focuses on keeping Americans healthy. This budget would also call for bringing American troops back home, and would reduce the deficit by over $5 trillion over 10 years.
  • Garrett (NJ)/Jordan (OH) Amendment in the nature of a Substitute (RSC Budget) (30 minutes). The RSC Budget would aim to balance the budget in 10 years by cutting over $9 trillion in spending and cutting taxes by nearly $2 trillion.  It would freeze non-defense discretionary at 2006 levels, an almost 50% reduction over 10 years, while defense spending would dramatically increase. The RSC plan calls for dramatic changes to Medicare and Medicaid as well as other social safety net programs, including a $350 billion cut to the food stamp program.
  • Van Hollen Amendment in the nature of a Substitute (Democratic Alternative Budget) (30 minutes). The Democratic Alternative would protect Medicare and Medicaid, and would achieve primary balance by 2018 through focusing on all spending, including defense discretionary spending. The Democratic Alternative would simplify the tax code, end corporate tax loopholes, and extend tax relief for middle class families. While still making crucial investments in infrastructure and education, it would reduce the deficit by $1.2 trillion more than the President’s Budget. Democrats are urged to VOTE YES on the Van Hollen Democratic alternative.
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The Daily Quote
“On his 100th day ruling the House, Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) watched a quarter of his troops abandon him. Boehner’s leadership team relied on a large bloc of Democrats on Thursday to muscle through the spending bill that was the product of six weeks of negotiations with the White House and Senate Democrats. With the fight over funding the federal government for the rest of the fiscal year behind him, Boehner is heading into a much more difficult and consequential showdown on raising the limit on the nation’s credit card with a potentially weaker hand.”
-    The Washington Post, 4/14/11