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Suspensions (10 Bills)

1.    H.R. 3726 - Castle Nugent National Historic Site Establishment Act of 2009 (Rep. Christensen - Natural Resources)

2.    H.R. 3759 - BLM Contract Extension Act (Rep. DeFazio - Natural Resources)

3.    H.R. 725 - Indian Arts and Crafts Amendments Act of 2009 (Rep. Pastor - Natural Resources)

4.    H.R. 3538 - Idaho Wilderness Water Resources Protection Act (Rep. Simpson - Natural Resources)

5.    H.Res. 1007 - Commending the University of Alabama for winning the Bowl Championship Series National Championship Game (Rep. Bachus - Education and Labor)

6.    H.Res. 1004 - Congratulating the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine for its 150 years of commitment to advancing science and improving health (Rep. Davis (IL) - Education and Labor)

7.    H.Res. 776 - Congratulating the Dartmouth Outing Club of Hanover, New Hampshire, for 100 years of service to the United States and its wilderness (Rep. Hodes - Education and Labor)

8.    H.Res. 1008 - Honoring the contributions of Catholic schools (Rep. Lipinski - Education and Labor)

9.    H.Res. __ - Congratulating the Penn State women’s volleyball team on winning the 2009 NCAA Division I national championship (Rep. Thompson (PA) - Education and Labor)

10.   H.Res. 991 - Commending the University of Virginia men's soccer team for winning the 2009 Division I NCAA National Championship (Rep. Perriello - Education and Labor)


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* Motions to go to Conference should they become available.      

      * Possible Motions to Instruct Conferees.

The Daily Quote

"So, yes, we're passing through a hard winter.  It's the hardest in some time.  But let's always remember that, as a people, the American people, we've weathered some hard winters before…What we need to do is to just ask what lessons we can learn from those earlier generations about how they sustained themselves during those hard winters, how they persevered and prevailed…Together, we shall make a way through winter, and we're going to welcome the spring…May the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King continue to inspire us and ennoble our world and all who inhabit it.” 


 - President Barack Obama at Vermont Avenue Baptist Church, in Remembrance of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, 1/17/2010