*2014 Republican Budget

Cry Baby Cry

So, the Republican party is divided. What’s new? As reported by the Hill, the GOP leadership isn’t too happy with the continued internal strife:

“Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Friday called for conservatives to put aside their differences with fellow Republicans and unify to fight President Obama’s agenda, specifically the implementation of healthcare reform.”

“‘I’m a little tired of the hand-wringing. Conservatives were never meant to be part of the crybaby caucus,’ [McConnell] said. ‘I know folks have a lot of opinions about what happened in November, but seriously, how many conferences and lunch panels do we really need to have about it?’”

“McConnell suggested the infighting is hurting his party... ‘And if you don’t put this election behind us soon, they’re going to eat our lunch again,’ McConnell said. ‘It is time to unite.’”

They probably need to add more panels, discussions, lunches, dinners, retreats etc. to their schedule because infighting is not only problem facing Republicans. The Grand Old Party remains out of touch and the Republican budget is just the latest instalment of Republicans ignoring what the American people want.  Cry on.