Congressional Strategies During Time of Hot Button Issues on MSNBC

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... >>> welcome back to ""the ed show."" thanks for listening tonight. congressional leaders are dealing with a lot of hot button issues. energy and immigration and the oil spill. it's gone relatively unnoticed the large scale syste system -- stimulus package has put a lot of people back to work. >> always good to be here. >> is the cbo report as positive as it sounds in your opinion? >> think it's very positive. we had four positive job growth months this year. if we replicate two-thirds of the year, gone a third of the year. if we replicate the same kind of job production, 573,000 jobs, we will frankly have created more jobs this year than created net in the bush administration in 96 months. that's good news. but we're not growing fast enough. we need to continue to get this economy stabilized and growing at an even faster rate if we're going to have a chance of getting people back to work and the >r loss during the bush administration. >> is the mid-term going to be about jobs? >> think the mid-terms is about the economy. thick we're going to be able go to the american public and say, look, we enherted an economy in the ditch, deeply in the ditch. the month we took over, we lost 800,000 jobs almost and 65,000 jobs in one day shortly there after. >> what do you make of boehner saying there will be big gains for the republicans in november? >> mr. boehner also thought he was going to win the race in pennsylvania. he thought he was going to win the race in new york. he didn't win either one of those races. we had three victories in a row in the special elections. we didn't have a victory in hawaii mainly because we split the vote, it was winner take all. we took about 62, 63% of the vote and the winner took about 38, 39% of the vote. we think we'll win back. he's wildly overenthusias stick. tom davis, the former chairman of thedl republican campaign committee said, i quote, if we can't win pennsylvania 12, mark critz, if we can't win that district, we can't take back the house. >> you think the republicans will help you on immigration reform? >> frankly, i think, ed, the republican strategy is to see failure by democrats and by the president. the problem with that is when we don't solve projldms, it's not democrats that lose, our country loses. i think their strategy isc % sy to defeat any kind of progress. and, frankly, not to sit down at the table. it's awfully tough to get bipartisan working in the house at this point in time or the senate. >> quickly, a comment on all these drill baby drill folks over there. do you think you will get any help on offshore drilling or regulation or caps? they're going to fight you on everything, you know that. >> think they are going to fight us on everything. however, the american public clearly know while we need get american energy, need to be energy independent and keep energy prices where people can afford them, the facts of the matter is -- >> do you think this tragedy -- >> i think the president made it clear, we need to be safe, find out how this tragedy occurred before we go forward. i think that's the right policy. we need to be as the chairman was on earlier, we need to make sure the government oversight is much more vigorous. i think there are failure in this government. always a pleasure. >> thanks for being with us. >> good to be with you. >>> a lot of talk about the stimulus saved our economy in my new book coming up and all ties to the four pillars of having a very strong country. establish a great sound fiscal policy. killer politics and bad money how it's destroying the great american middle class. it comes out june 1st. look for it wherever books are sold. in chicago monday and mississippi thursday and all the locations here. you can check it on my website. o'reilly took name-calling to a new level last night. you won't believe what he said, right to the guest's face. lands him in ""the zone."" you go . [ judy ] what are you waiting for? call or click today for a free quote or to find an allstate agent. ...