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WASHINGTON, DC - Ways and Means Ranking Member Charles B. Rangel issued the following statement after the Senate rejected the Republican political gamble linking an overdue increase in the minimum wage to an $800 billion estate tax giveaway to 7,500 of the wealthiest families in America:

 “The Republican Leadership is holding the minimum wage increase hostage to their agenda of tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, the only constituency they truly care about.  If the GOP leadership meant what they said about helping working families, they’d learn from this mistake and let us vote on the wage increase separately. 

 “This rank political ploy brought out the worst in Congress and has led many to question how sincere the Republicans are about raising the minimum wage.  The American people have a very low tolerance for elected officials playing politics with their paychecks.  We need to move beyond this shameful gimmickry and pass an increase in the minimum wage on its own merits.”

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Matthew Beck
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August 4, 2006