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For Immediate Release: 
January 4, 2013

Earlier this week, Democrats and Republicans reached a bipartisan agreement that extended middle class tax cuts and delayed the arbitrary spending cuts which were scheduled for early January. Our work, however, to restore our nation's fiscal stability is not over. I hope the same spirit of compromise will continue as we negotiate a big, bold and bipartisan agreement to put our country’s economy on a long-term, fiscally sustainable path later this year.

Yesterday, Members of the 113th Congress were sworn into office.  I look forward to serving in this Congress, which is the most diverse in history, as we work towards solutions that Americans need, including creating jobs and reducing our deficits.  I am hopeful that this new Congress will adopt a spirit of bipartisanship to move our country forward towards economic stability and security. As our nation continues to face a number of challenges, working together will be crucial to getting things done for the American people.

Today, I am glad the first action of the 113th Congress was to provide the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) with additional funds for the National Flood Insurance Program in response to Hurricane Sandy. I am disappointed, though, that it has taken the House this long to respond to such a devastating disaster. I urge Speaker Boehner to keep his promise to hold a vote on January 15th to provide additional assistance to communities in the Northeast as they continue to recover from the storm.

Sincerely yours,


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