Fiscal Responsibility

CAP Interactive Map: No Debt Limit Increase Means Big Cuts to State Services

Republicans may be in denial about the catastrophic consequences of failing to ensure we pay America’s bills, but it’s clear that states will pay the price if Congress doesn’t come together on a balanced agreement to ensure we pay our bills. In case Republicans need a visual to understand the impact, CAP has put together an interactive map showing how states would be affected, with each losing hundreds of millions of dollars if we fail to ensure we pay our nation’s bills.

From the Center for American Progress:

Interactive Map: No Debt Limit Increase Means Big Cuts to State Services

By Michael Linden, Jordan Eizenga

Each year state governments rely on the federal government for between 25 percent and 50 percent of their revenue. The federal government funds hundreds of billions of dollars in state services, including employment and training programs, emergency fire services for rural communities, hazardous waste removal, wildlife conservation, health care services, and even programs to provide bulletproof vests to local law enforcement.

These services will find themselves on the chopping block if the debt ceiling is not raised.

This interactive map shows that no state would be spared by these cuts. Each stands to lose hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding if the debt limit isn’t increased regardless of how Treasury decides to prioritize payments.

It’s time for Republicans to work with Democrats on a big, balanced agreement to pay America’s bills, reduce the deficit, and avoid drastic cuts to critical programs that Americans rely on.