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For Immediate Release: 
June 10, 2014

Last week, Majority Leader Eric Cantor released a memo detailing the House’s legislative agenda for the month of June. Although the memo touches on several legislative priorities, including three appropriations bills, there are important priorities missing from his agenda. Comprehensive immigration, restoring unemployment insurance, and passing legislation to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank – among a number of other important items, including the minimum wage and the Voting Rights Amendment Act – have all been left off the House calendar, despite mounting pressure to address these issues. Here’s a look at what GOP inaction on these priorities looks like by the numbers:

Immigration Reform

  • 348 – Days since the Senate passed a comprehensive immigration reform with bipartisan support – it will be one year on June 27th  
  • 252 – Days since House Democrats introduced a bipartisan immigration reform bill, H.R. 15
  • 192 – Number of House Democrats who signed a discharge petition to bring comprehensive immigration reform to the Floor
  • 68 – Number of Senators who voted for the comprehensive immigration reform bill
  • Over 30 – Number of House Republicans who support comprehensive immigration reform
  • 64 – Percent of Republican voters who support comprehensive immigration reform
  • $900 Billion – Amount the deficit would be reduced over 20 years, including $200 billion over the first ten years, if comprehensive immigration reform is passed

Unemployment Insurance

  • 3 Million – Number of Americans who have lost emergency unemployment insurance since it expired in December, a threshold reached this week
  • 72,000 – Number of Americans who will continue to lose emergency unemployment insurance each week Republicans refuse to act
  • 65 – Days since the Senate approved a bipartisan extension of emergency unemployment benefits

Export-Import Bank

  • 255,000 – Number of export-related jobs supported by the Export-Import Bank in FY 2012
  • 330 – Number of Representatives who voted to extend the Export-Import Bank in May 2012
  • 113 – Days until the authorization of the Export-Import Bank will expire
  • 59 – Countries in the world market, including America’s biggest competitors, who offer similar government export credit programs
  • $232 Billion – Dollars in exports supported by the Export-Import bank between 2007-2014
  • $1.6 Billion – Dollars the Export-Import Bank has generated in excess revenue for taxpayers since FY 2008
  • $0 – Dollars taxpayers pay to support the Export-Import Bank

Time is Ticking

  • 27 – Days left in session before August recess

With less than 30 legislative days left on the calendar, it is time for House Republicans to work with Democrats to address these critical issues.

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