Cantor Admits It: Republicans Haven’t Been Focused On Jobs

Wanted to be sure you saw this quote from Leader Cantor’s pen and pad briefing yesterday:

“‘The focus now is jobs,’ said Representative Eric Cantor, the Virginia Republican and House majority leader, in a meeting with reporters Wednesday. He added, ‘The past eight months we’ve been all about cuts.’”

And this article in The Hill:

“House Republicans are shifting their policy focus for the fall as the GOP increasingly risks sharing the blame with President Obama for the weakening economy.”

“Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) acknowledged Wednesday that the GOP had a singular focus on slashing government spending in the first eight months of its majority in the chamber, perhaps at the expense of the ‘grow’ part of their so-called ‘cut and grow’ strategy.”

When Republicans took the House majority, they said job creation would be their top priority. But nine months later, they still don’t have a jobs plan and they have taken no meaningful action on jobs. At least, they’ve finally admitted it.