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WASHINGTON – U.S. Rep. John Spratt (D-SC) today issued the following statement on a May 19 White House memorandum on President Bush’s budget cuts for 2006. 

“Today, we learn from a May 19 White House memorandum that the President's budget for 2006 will impose significant cuts in many important government services.

“These impending cuts should not come as any great surprise.  They are a product of the Administration's oversized tax cuts and the record high deficits the Bush policies have generated.

“The Bush budget will cut the Department of Education by $1.5 billion and will cut the Department of Veterans Affairs by more than $900 million.  Overall, the Administration will cut the budget of more than eleven different agencies.  Ironically, some of these agencies provide services the Administration claims credit for protecting such as veterans health care and education.”

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Chuck Fant
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May 27, 2004