Are Republicans Ready to Stop Holding Our Economy Hostage?

Are Republicans finally ready to stop holding our economy hostage to their ideological agenda? They’ve done it twice this Congress (CR and debt limit, anybody?) which caused significant uncertainty for businesses and the markets. But in a memo to House Republicans yesterday, Leader Cantor admitted that while that’s been their tactic thus far, it’s now time to stop the brinkmanship and get to work on FY 2012 spending bills:

“While all of us would like to have seen a lower discretionary appropriations ceiling for the upcoming fiscal year, the debt limit agreement did set a level of spending that is a real cut from the current year level,” Cantor, R-Va., said in a memo to House Republicans. “I believe it is in our interest to enact into law full-year appropriations bills at this new lower level.”

Democrats warned Republicans of the uncertainty they were causing by holding our economy hostage to their partisan agenda. But it turns out it only took a couple weeks back in his district for Leader Cantor to realize the uncertainty those tactics created for Americans:

“He cited this as part of a strategy for addressing the uncertainty that is hampering the economy. In the memo, Cantor noted that Americans are concerned about Congress’ recent nail-biting finishes on what in other times were routine budget matters, including providing annual funding for federal agencies through appropriations and raising the nation’s debt ceiling.”

People in Cantor’s own district ‘are talking about the mess in Washington, the constant sense — fueled by those maniacal countdown clocks on cable TV — that we are ‘THIS CLOSE’ to going over the cliff,’ the leader said in his memo. ‘People feel like they have no idea what Washington will or won’t do next.’”

“To restore confidence, Congress must get to work on fiscal 2012 appropriations and the newly created deficit-reduction committee must deliver on its mandate to produce recommendations on savings, Cantor said.”

We hope when House Republicans return to Washington, they’ll abandon their ideological agenda and work with us to fund the government and reduce the deficit in a balanced way.