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Are Republicans More Irrational Than the Sequester Itself?

The sequester was designed as an irrational and harmful policy that would force lawmakers to reach a balanced and bipartisan solution. Unfortunately, as more Republicans have supported the policy, we can’t help but begin to wonder: are Republicans more irrational than the sequester itself?

The latest Republican to embrace these devastating cuts:

Rep. Mike Pompeo: “The sequester is here, it’s time, we’ve got to get these spending reductions in place… It’s going to be a home run. We’re doing what the American people asked the United States House of Representatives to do in 2010 when I came here. We’re reducing the size and scope of the federal government. I think the American people will have tremendous respect. I think the markets will respond very positively when we, for the first time, say we have a spending reduction plan and we’re actually going to follow through on it. So I’m very optimistic that on March 2 we’ll all wake up and America will have tremendous respect for what its House of Representatives led and what its federal government was able to accomplish.” [POLITICO, 2/13]

Let’s get this straight: Republicans think arbitrary, across-the-board spending cuts that economists believe are harmful to jobs and our military leaders believe are devastating to our national security are going to benefit American families and the economy? Something just isn’t adding up with that logic.