Another Sequestration Impact: Cuts to Federal Courts Harming Public Safety

We’ve already passed along news about how the sequester is hurting public defenders, but this week, the top federal judges in 49 states warned that in addition to slowing down the courts’ process and justice system, the impacts of the sequester will extend beyond the courts and weaken public safety in cities around the country.  As the Washington Post reports:

“The unusual letter from the chief judges of trial courts in every state but Nevada says that the $350 million reduction in the judiciary’s lower budget for this year has dramatically slowed court proceedings and jeopardized public safety. The judges say there are fewer probation and other law enforcement officers to deal with record numbers of convicts who have been released from prison or given alternative sentences.

“A second year under the automatic spending cuts known as sequestration ‘will have a devastating and long-lasting impact on the administration of justice in this country,’ the judges said.”

Nothing else seems to have motivated Republicans into taking action and replacing the sequester; maybe this news will.