Fiscal Responsibility

Another Look at House Republicans' Wrong Priorities

Here’s what House Republicans AREN’T doing this week – focusing on jobs and preventing student loan interest rates from doubling:

“Boehner told the House Republican Conference Thursday morning that it was unlikely Congress would be able to prevent student loan interest rates from doubling before the end of the month, but he blamed the Senate, since the lower chamber has already passed a bill. He dubbed the fight ‘phony,’ and urged his members not to fall victim to what he considers a manufactured tussle.” [Politico, 5/31/12]

And here’s what they ARE doing – wasting time on a blatantly political bill:

“Franks admitted he had no expectation that his latest bill would pass, because House leaders brought it up in a way that required a two-thirds majority. The purpose, he said, was to force pro-abortion-rights Democrats to make an uncomfortable vote.” [Dana Milbank, Washington Post, 5/30/12]