Another Day, Another Ignored Constitutent

Over the weekend, House Republicans continued to avoid their constituents who oppose GOP efforts to repeal the ACA without having a real plan to replace it.

Roll Call reports Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY) refuses to hold a town hall meeting to hear from constituents:

“Despite his colleagues’ continued attempts, New York Republican Rep. Chris Collins has no intention of holding a town hall meeting.”

 “Collin’s comments come in the wake of an increase of protests at town halls held by Republican members of Congress since President Donald Trump’s election. Many in the audience are loudly voicing concerns about President Donald Trump’s policies and GOP plans to repeal Obamacare.”

While, according to WHNT news, Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) “cancelled” an event originally billed as a town hall, showed up to the event anyway, and then quickly ended it when constituents arrived:  

“Deborah Barros-Smith made a Facebook video of the meeting, which ended shortly after she and other Democrats arrived. Barros-Smith said they went to the meeting to ask Brooks about the travel ban, Social Security and other issues. She said they were frustrated that the meeting ended abruptly and believe that Brooks was trying to avoid them.”

“’We just wanted to ask him a few questions,’ Barros-Smith said. ‘That’s why I’m upset, he’s my congressman and I don’t have access to him.’”