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And the GOP economic plan is … ?

This morning, POLITICO asks the question we’ve been asking ourselves for awhile: “And the GOP economic plan is … ?”  As we’ve also concluded by now, the only real plan they have is to try to repeal Obamacare (again, and again, and again…):

“So what’s the Republican plan to turn it around?”

The answer is, they don’t all think they need one and those who do can’t agree on a unified view. But some prominent Republicans are warning their compatriots that they need to get their act together — because just running against the Obama record isn’t going to be enough.”

To many Republicans, though, the easiest way to say they’ve talked about the economy is to bash Obamacare.”

“In their view, fighting Obamacare is so central to their economic message that they’re content to keep the focus there. When Rep. Tom Cotton, the Arkansas Republican who’s running a strong race to unseat Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor, delivered the national GOP weekly address on Feb. 22, it was about Obamacare — with just a quick nod to the lagging economic recovery.”

“And Cotton is hardly an outlier. Of the 21 weekly Republican addresses since October … 12 have been about Obamacare. Just three, in late January and early February, have had a clear focus on the economy and jobs.

That’s pretty far out of balance with what voters are calling the top priorities in this election. In February, unemployment ranked as the most important problem facing the country in a Gallup poll, with 23 percent of Americans putting jobs and unemployment at the top of the list. Health care ranked fourth, behind jobs, the economy in general and dissatisfaction with government.”

“It’s not an easy call for everyone in the GOP. Some Republicans aren’t convinced that it makes sense for candidates to put out more than general principles on the economy — because the more specific their plans get, the easier it is for their opponents to pick them apart.

If it’s too hard for Republicans to actually come up with a real economic plan, perhaps they’d prefer multiple choice? We thought we’d offer them a few options:

  1. Make It In America jobs plan
  2. Renew unemployment insurance
  3. Raise the minimum wage
  4. Pass Comprehensive immigration reform
  5. All of the above