*Government Shutdown

Americans Oppose GOP Risking Government Shutdown

Newsflash for Republicans: coming on the heels of yesterday’s CNBC poll showing that Americans oppose defunding the Affordable Care Act – and even more so if it risks a government shutdown – is a United Technologies/National Journal Congressional Connection Poll with further proof that their strategy is the wrong one:

The poll results should stir angst among House Republicans about the wisdom of last week's vote to link funding for the Affordable Care Act with a continuing resolution to fund the government. The Senate is expected to strip the defunding measure this week and return a bill that only funds the government. The clash could lead to a government shutdown.”

“Still, an overwhelming majority of Americans prefer the Senate's approach to the government-funding negotiations: 63 percent said Congress should ‘provide the funding to keep the government operating and deal with the health care issue separately.’”

Even Republicans are skeptical of the House GOP's approach. A majority, 51 percent, said Congress should keep the two issues separate…

“The findings suggest the defund effort is being driven by the GOP's most conservative wing while more moderate elements of the party's coalition look on anxiously.”

House Republicans are clearly out of touch with reality, thinking that Americans won’t be upset by their threat of a government shutdown.  As they told The Hill:

Rep. Bill Johnson (R-Ohio): “We’ve got to do the right thing for the American people. I’m more concerned about doing the right thing than the potential fallout.”

Rep. Steve Southerland (R-Fla.): “The only way to fund the government is if [Senate Majority leader Harry] Reid [D-Nev.] and the majority of Democratic senators vote to pass the bill we’re sending them.”

They may want to rethink their (losing) strategy of risking a shutdown.