Afternoon Tweet Roundup: “Cruz Wins” Edition

Because we couldn’t help ourselves, here’s a look at how House Republicans’ border supplemental fiasco is playing out on Twitter:  

Roll Call, @rollcall:

.@RepKayGranger on border supplemental: "There are people who just don't want to do anything."

Benjy Sarlin, ‏@BenjySarlin

How many times have we seen this movie before? RT @StevenTDennis: BREAKING: House vote on border supplemental has been postponed.

Lisa Desjardins, ‏@LisaDCNN

THINKING: "clown" or "clowns" will start trending in DC. (Based on my feed.)

Ben Pershing, @benpershing

Cut to @EricCantor somewhere smiling, playing golf, etc.

Robert Costa, @costareports:

BREAKING: Cruz wins, House pulls border bill, GOP heading into recess without voting on plan

Chuck Todd, ‏@chucktodd 

Boehner's original border bill might have had more Dem votes. But the more he designed it for the base, the more votes he ended up losing

Luke Russert, @LukeRussert:

The week House #GOP sued Obama over executive overreach, Leadership just released statement telling Obama to act on his own re border

John King, @JohnKingCNN:

So @SpeakerBoehner  forced 2 pull #border bill because of conserative revolt and, day after lawsuit vote, says #potus should act on own.

John Ralston, @RalstonReports:

So John Boehner, who wants to sue the president because he is abusing his exec powers, tells POTUS to do stuff on his own on immigration.

Carl Hulse, @hillhulse:

Spkr Boehner earlier today: "It’s hard to get people to agree." Now pulls border bill after concessions to right. Bad way to exit for Aug

Jackie Calmes, calmesnyt

Boehner message mess: Sues Obama for exec actions. Now says re border he cld take "numerous steps...right now, w/o need for cong'al action."

Robert Costa, @costareports:

House GOP lowered bill to $659m from $1.5b, gave tea party DACA vote, and yet Boehner struggles to close deal

Matt Fuller @MEPFuller:

GOP leadership statement says border bill has support "not just of a majority of the majority in the House," but "most" of House GOP. Huh?

Russell Berman, @russellberman:

House Republican leaders issue statement on their failed border bill, say it had support of “most of the Republican conference” #notenough