Afternoon Roundup: House Republicans Holding Firm to Their Discriminatory Treatment of LGBT Americans

Last night, House Republican leaders decided against allowing a vote on Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney’s amendment to the defense appropriations bill to prohibit #LGBT discrimination. In the wake of this weekend’s horrific shooting in Orlando, the House should be sending a strong signal that we will stand united against discrimination. Yet, once again, House Republicans are showing their true colors. But don’t just take it from us. These headlines speak for themselves:

The Hill: House GOP leaders block LGBT vote after Orlando shooting

Vanity Fair: Days After Orlando Attack, House G.O.P. Blocks Vote on Gay-Rights Amendment

New York Magazine: House Republicans Block Vote on LGBT Protections After Orlando Shooting

Talking Points Memo: Ryan's Rule Change Allows GOP To Block LGBT Measure Before Floor Vote

Daily Kos: House Republicans Stand Strong for Anti-LGBT Discrimination in the Wake of Orlando Shootings