Afternoon Roundup: GOP Dysfunction Delays CR

Pretty sure House Republicans aren’t wild about this afternoon’s headlines.  After yanking their partisan continuing resolution that continues the sequester and defunds the Affordable Care Act from the Floor schedule after failing to earn enough GOP support, the press went to town highlighting the GOP dysfunction.  Here’s a quick look at some of today’s coverage:

Reuters: House Republicans delay vote on spending, Obamacare after split

“A Republican plan to let conservatives cast a vote against ‘Obamacare’ without risking a government shutdown ran into a wall of opposition from the party's right wing on Wednesday, and leaders delayed any votes on it until at least next week.”

“The move in the House of Representatives is the latest indication a Republican right wing revolt will complicate Congress' efforts to deal with looming fiscal deadlines over government spending and the debt limit.”

“The conflict is part of what is being called a ‘civil war’ within the Republican Party, energized in part by rallies and Tea Party gatherings during the August recess and the organizing efforts of the conservative Heritage Action, a sister to the conservative Heritage Foundation.”

Talking Points Memo: Conservatives Force GOP To Delay Obamacare Gambit

“Republicans are losing the battle with ultraconservatives over defunding Obamacare — for now.”

“Republican House leaders are in an extraordinarily difficult position. Given sweeping Democratic opposition, they have few votes to spare, and are caught between an all-out assault from conservative groups and their responsibility to keep the government running.”

POLITICO: House pulls CR amid GOP division

“A stopgap spending bill to avert a shutdown at the end of this month was pulled from the House schedule Wednesday because of continued Republican divisions over how far to go to challenge President Barack Obama on healthcare reform.”

“…the GOP is clearly struggling with itself over how best to keep the government operating and placate conservatives who want to cut off all funding for implementing Obama’s signature reforms.”

Roll Call: House GOP Leaders Struggling to Pass Spending Bill

“House Republican leaders have pushed consideration of a short-term spending bill until next week over what appears to be yet another problem getting votes from their own party.”

“With conservatives crying foul and vowing to oppose the spending bill, GOP sources on Wednesday afternoon acknowledged that leaders need more time to convince rank-and-file lawmakers to support the plan they outlined Tuesday.”

Wall Street Journal: House Delays Vote on Funding Measure

“Amid conservative discontent, House Republican leaders put the brakes on voting this week on legislation to fund government operations through mid-December and cut funding to the 2010 health-care law, a senior GOP leadership aide said Wednesday.”

Bloomberg: House Republican Delay on Spending Bill Risks Shutdown

“House Republican leaders’ strategy for passing a U.S. spending bill lacks sufficient support from members, increasing the risk of a government shutdown.”

“House leaders postponed a vote until next week as they work to persuade their rank and file to back the plan. A major sticking point is whether to strip funding for President Barack Obama’s health-care law.”

Washington Post: House Republican leaders delay vote on new budget bill until next week

“House GOP leaders decided Wednesday to delay until next week a contentious vote on keeping government funding going, senior Republicans said.”

“Rank-and-file Republicans had not fully come aboard their leadership’s complicated plan to keep federal agencies operating at current austerity levels while forcing a Senate vote on whether to defund President Obama’s health-care initiative.”

The Hill: House GOP to delay vote on government funding measure

“Leaders have been scrambling to gain 217 votes for their plan to fund the government through Dec. 15 while forcing the Senate to vote up or down on a measure to defund ObamaCare.”

“House leaders also pushed back a final vote on a separate bill targeting the healthcare law until Thursday, presumably to give lawmakers something to vote on instead of the spending bill. “

CQ: House Delays CR Until Next Week Amid Conservative Concerns

“House Republican leaders delayed on Tuesday a vote on a continuing resolution to extend government operations past Sept. 30 until next week amid backlash from conservatives.”

“Republican leadership, however, decided to delay that action after an outcry from GOP conservatives over a decision to use a legislative maneuver that would allow the Senate to reject a provision intended to withdraw funding for implementation of the Affordable Care Act.”

“House leaders appeared to lack the votes to pass a rule that would have allowed them to carry out the legislative maneuver. With Democrats united against the CR and the defunding plan, only a handful of Republicans would have had to break ranks to defeat the rule.”

Thanks to House Republican dysfunction postponing a vote on the C.R. until next week, Congress will only have 5 legislative days to fund the government before the end of the fiscal year.  Perhaps the Republican leadership will give up their losing strategy of going it alone and work with Democrats to keep our government open. The clock is ticking.