Fiscal Responsibility

Afternoon Round-Up: “GOP at a Loss” Edition

A look at the headlines today shows House Republicans divided (once again). The answer for Republicans leaders “at a loss” is pretty clear: they should put a clean bill to pay America’s bills on the Floor, which Democrats will help them pass, so we can avoid another manufactured crisis and provide our economy with certainty.

Roll Call: GOP at a Loss on Debt Limit

“House Republican leaders are at a loss on how to move a debt limit increase. A GOP leadership aide told CQ Roll Call that after an informal canvas of the House Republican Conference through member meetings and phone calls over the past week, leaders concluded that the top two sweeteners could not attract enough Republican support to pass a debt ceiling hike.”

“Speaker John A. Boehner of Ohio met with his top leadership team Wednesday morning to discuss the next steps, but leaders and staff do not yet have a plan for how to proceed, aides said.”

The Hill: House GOP abandons plans to tie debt ceiling to O-Care, Keystone

“House Republican leaders have concluded that they cannot pass an increase in the debt ceiling without help from Democrats, abandoning plans to tie legislation either to ObamaCare or the Keystone pipeline.”

“GOP leaders had been looking at pairing legislation boosting the debt limit to either an authorization of the pipeline or rolling back a portion of ObamaCare. But after presenting those ideas to members and huddling Wednesday, they determined neither would receive 218 votes from House Republicans.”

“That left Republican leaders with no clear alternative to addressing the debt limit, which the Treasury Department has said needs to be raised by the end of February.”

Politico: House GOP divided on debt ceiling

“After several days of talks with their members, House Republican leaders have not been able to identify a debt ceiling package that could pass with only GOP support, according to multiple senior aides. In fact, they’re nowhere close.”

“GOP leadership’s goal was to use this week to craft a package that could pass without the help of Democrats. But the party isn’t rallying around a single proposal to lift the borrowing limit. Instead of coalescing around a unified strategy, groups of rank-and-file Republicans have expressed support for at least four different options…”

“The divergence of opinion among Republicans is creating some drama: The debt ceiling fight might run right up to the end-of-February deadline. But defaulting on the debt isn’t really a possibility for Republicans who caused the first government shutdown in 17 years.”

NBC: Republicans Mull Path Forward on Debt Limit

“Republicans are back to square one as it relates to how to raise the nation's debt ceiling. Facing a rapidly-approaching deadline to raise the government's borrowing authority, GOP leaders determined they wouldn't be able to obtain the 217 votes to raise the debt limit in either of the two circumstances being considered by Republicans.”

“The GOP had considered two provisions to add onto the debt limit at their retreat last week: a repeal of health care reform's insurer ‘risk corridors,’ and/or a bill to authorize the Keystone XL pipeline. According to GOP leadership aides, the Republican leadership determined Wednesday morning that they wouldn't be able to win the necessary support for either proposal with Republican votes alone.”