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For Immediate Release: 
August 2, 2013

I’m extremely disappointed that House Republicans failed to address a number of the critical issues facing Congress before they adjourned for the August district work period. Over the past seven months, House Republicans have continued to waste time on partisan message bills, including today’s 40th vote to repeal health care reform, instead of taking action to create jobs or strengthen the economy, finishing a budget that replaces the sequester, finishing the appropriations process, or addressing comprehensive immigration reform and the debt ceiling.

House Republicans again showed that they are unable to lead when they had to pull their Transportation, Housing and Urban Development funding bill from the House Floor on Wednesday because of lack of support from their own Members. This bill included deep and harmful cuts to important programs in order to meet the unrealistic spending levels of the extreme Republican-Ryan budget. The failure of this bill makes it absolutely clear: we must reach agreement on a budget that will replace the sequester and put our nation on a fiscally sustainable path. 

While I was disappointed by the partisan messaging bills on the Floor this week, I was pleased that the House passed bipartisan compromise legislation that will keep student loan interest rates low for borrowers.  I hope that Congress can work toward similar compromises on a number of challenges facing our country.

Yesterday, House Democrats showed that we remain focused on the need to create jobs and bolster our economy by announcing that we have added eight new bills to our Make It In America plan. These common-sense proposals focus on strengthening American manufacturing to help our businesses grow and create jobs. When we return from the August district work period, I hope that House Republicans will work with us to take action to create jobs and address the fiscal issues that are confronting our nation.

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